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FSX Play

FSX Play

FSX PLAY is the latest software offering from Foresight Sports! Experience next level graphics to enhance your simulation play experience!

FSX 2020 Courses will allow activation within FSX PLAY software. Simply download the related course installer for FSX PLAY below.

All Currently Offered FSX 2020 Courses will be converted for use within FSX PLAY. The conversion process will occur as quickly as possible to allow all users to experience their course library in FSX PLAY as soon as possible.


Notice: FSX PLAY is a paid upgrade. For purchasing questions,  please contact your sales person or If you are located outside of the USA, please contact your local distributor to discuss.


Current Software Release

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FSX PLAY Software Installation

System Requirements:
(minimum spec)
  • Operating System: 64 Bit Windows 10 or greater
    • not supported: iOS, Linux
  • Processor: 7th Gen or greater Intel i5, i7, and i9 processors
    • not recommended: AMD CPU
  • Memory/RAM: 8GB system memory
    • recommended: 16GB+ for Swing Camera/Swing Catalyst use
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 or greater
    • recommended for Quality/Optimal Performance: GeForce RTX 3070ti/3080/3090
    • not supported: Nvidia Quadro, AMD GPU

Guide to Identifying Your Windows System Specifications

For instructions on downloading and installing FSX PLAY for PC, please refer to the FSX PLAY DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION GUIDE.

If you have any questions regarding the installation options please select Request Technical Support to assist.

*NOTE: This software will support connection to GC3, GCQuad, GCHawk, and GC2/HMT devices. Installation on a Windows Based PC is REQUIRED. Does not support installation for Apple Computers, iPad or iPhone devices, or Android Devices.


Release Date:


FSX PLAY v1.11.1.2:

  • Misc. User Experience Improvements
  • Misc. Bug Fixes


FSX PLAY v1.11.0.17:

  • In-game issue reporting
  • Improved Swing Camera functionality
  • Several user experience improvements
  • Several minor bug fixes.

FSX PLAY v1.10.0.10:

  • Window Driver Swing Camera Support
    • Cameras Which Connect Through An API Or SDK (Image Source, Point Gray, Etc) Not Supported.
  • Improved Distance Function In Practice Mode
  • Selectable Mini-Map Screen Position
  • Added Lie Penalty Refactor (Flier Chance Removed, Reduction Penalty Applied To Distance Instead Of Speed/Spin)
  • QuadMAX Integration
  • Selectable DLSS NVidia Video Card Performance Integration And Performance ImprovementsFSX PLAY v1.9.3.3:
  • Updates for Pinseeker Functionality

FSX PLAY v1.9.2.5:

  • Various Bug Fixes & Improvements

FSX PLAY v1.9.0.10:

  • Dual Extended Display Support
  • Added Ability To Drop For An Unplayable Lie
  • Added New Simulator Drop Where Drop Restrictions Are Significantly Reduced
  • Further Development Of Auto-Update Feature

FSX PLAY v1.8.4.2:

  • Resolved Windows Related Crash At Startup
  • Improved Memory Function For Improved Performance

FSX PLAY v1.8.3.6:

  • Unity Engine Upgrade & Improved Memory Management To Resolve Crash Issue
  • Bug Fix For Club Data Not Displaying In Putting Mode

FSX PLAY v1.8.1.2:

  • Improved Software Stability
  • Including the updates from version 
    • Graphics Improvements 
    • Pinseeker Integration 
    • Allows For Auto-Update For Next Upcoming Release 
    • Added In-Game Room Configuration Tool 
    • Essential Putting Analysis Support

FSX PLAY v1.8.0.13:

  • Graphics Improvements 
  • Pinseeker Integration 
  • Allows For Auto-Update For Next Upcoming Release 
  • Improved Unity Crash
  • Added In-Game Room Configuration Tool 
  • Essential Putting Analysis Support

FSX PLAY v1.7.0.10:

  • Improved Device Connection
  • Further Improvements To Hazard Drop Behavior
  • Optimized Initial Load Of Application
  • Improved Behavior For Manual Putting
  • Player Clubs Now Saved After Session Has Ended.
  • Driving Range Course Section Added To Practice
  • Various Performance & Graphical Improvements

FSX PLAY v1.6.2.0:

  • Resolved Hidden Valley Course Bug
    • Removed From Showing By Default
  • All Of The Recently Released New & Improved Features From
    • Online Skills Challenge
    • Resolved Misc Crashing Issues
    • Significant Improved Ball Drop Logic & Increased Drop Zone
    • Camera Fixes For Following Location
    • Improvements For League Play, Including Issues With Posting Results & Applying Correct Event Settings During The Round.
    • Improved Software Launch Times & Resolved Software Launch Delays/Holding
    • Many Minor Bug Fixes To Improve Performance

FSX PLAY v1.6.1.6:

  • New & Improved Features:
    • Online Skills Challenge
    • Resolved Misc Crashing Issues
    • Significant Improved Ball Drop Logic & Increased Drop Zone
    • Camera Fixes For Following Location
    • Improvements For League Play, Including Issues With Posting Results & Applying Correct Event Settings During The Round.
    • Improved Software Launch Times & Resolved Software Launch Delays/Holding
    • Many Minor Bug Fixes To Improve Performance

FSX PLAY v1.6.0.4:

  • New & Improved Features:
    • Online Skills Challenge
    • In-Game Shot Analysis Screens
    • In-Game Player Turn Selection 
    • Performance and Stability Improvements

FSX PLAY v1.5.0.3:

FSX PLAY v1.4.0.4:

  • New & Improved Features:
    • Improved FPS For Game Functionality
    • Tournaments now available under Games menu.
    • Match Play scoring now available for course play.
    • Improvements made to all competition game modes.
    • Improvements to overall game performance.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and other improvements.
    • Improved device connection and reliability.
    • Bug fix for club data missing from FSX Live
    • Bug fix for giant reflection of distance asset in lakes/water
    • Bug fix for GC2s connecting without license if previously logged in with subscription
    • Support for higher resolutions (2560x1440)

FSX PLAY v1.3.1.2:

  • New & Improved Features:
    • Improved FPS For Game Functionality
    • Improved Function Of Download Manager. 
    • Implemented Auto-login Subscription For Returning Subscription Users.
    • Updated Installation Files To Resolved "Installation File Missing" Error
    • Improved Function For Touch Screens.
    • Improved Courses Catalog Display
    • Improved Error Management On Device Log-In Connection Screens.
    • Implemented New Practice Areas On Courses.

FSX PLAY v1.3.0.2:

  • New Features:
    • Launch Pro Device Support
      • New Launch Pro Subscription Structure Unlocks For Silver & Gold Customers
    • Silver Subscription:
      • The player List was Restricted to 4 players for Silver subscriptions.
      • Club List Maximum Of 14 Clubs.
      • Online Contests Online.
      • Includes 5 Free Courses:
        • Blue Bayou Golf and Fishing Club
        • Broken Tree
        • Linfield National
        • Willow Crest Golf Club
        • Paris Drive range
    • Gold Subscription:
      • Unlocks Full Function Of FSX PLAY Software.
      • Includes 10 Free Courses: 
        • Beaver Hills Club
        • Blue Bayou Golf and Fishing Club
        • Broken Tree
        • Butterfield Country Club (Blue/Red)
        • Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club
        • Linfield National
        • Tall Pines
        • (Coming Soon) The Farms Golf Course
        • Willow Crest Golf Club


  • Application Updates & Improvements: 
    • Improved Device Connectivity In Game.
    • Improved Error Message Descriptions For Download Manager.
    • Improved Logic For Practice Mode With Courses.
    • Improved Camera Behavior Within 15 Yards.
    • Bug Fix: Clipping Text.
    • Bug Fix: Cursor Placement When Using Search Feature.
    • Bug Fix: Score Card Issue Resolved When De-Selecting Holes
    • Bug Fix: Camera Direction On 18th Hole.
    • Bug Fix: Device Validation Issues Resolved.
    • Bug Fix: Forced Sign-In After Software Update Resolved.
    • Bug Fix: Black Background On Mini-Map.
    • Bug Fix: Blue Bayou Flashing Trees Resolved.
    • Bug Fix: Resolved "Recently Played" for Closest To The Pin and Longest Drive Competitions.
    • Bug Fix: Player ID Card Images Resolved.


FSX PLAY v1.2.0.3:


  • New Features:
    • Added Option For Online Contests.
    • Full FSX LIVE Connectivity Added.
    • Added Posting & Viewing Competitions Online.
    • Added The Option To Set Conditions & Quantity Of Attempts & Shots Within Competitions Independently.
    • Users Can Now Join Competitions & Play Based On The Number Of Tries Set For The Competition.
    • Download Manager:
      • The Functionality To Manage Downloads From The Game Has Been Integrated.
      • This New Feature Allows Users A Button To Download Courses, Pause Downloads, & Cancel Them From With-In The Game.
      • Included Management Option From Sidebar.
    • In Game Purchase Courses Integration.


  • Application Updates & Improvements: 
    • Implementation & Improvements Of The Catalog User Interface.
    • Course License Redemption Function Improved.
    • In-Game Hover Function For Courses Page Has Been Improved.
    • New Categories On Courses Page Added.
    • Stableford Added & Modified Stableford Games Are Implemented.
      • In-Game It Is Now Possible To Select These Scoring Modes.
      • New Card & Score Rulings Are Implemented For Each Game Type.
    • Implementation Of Sidebar.
      • Houses The Categories, Search & Downloads, & The Main Navigation Of The Game.
    • Completely redone the search function.
    • The Download Menu Was Implemented In The Sidebar.
    • The Menu Of Photos Within The Catalog Of Each Course Was Redone.
    • The Save Game & Resume Function Are Implemented.
    • New Screens & Dialogs For Loading Images Have Been Implemented In The Main Menu.
    • Buttons Have Been Implemented To Save The Game When Exiting.
    • Dialog & Error Screens Have Been Implemented For Saving & Loading Sessions.
    • Compatibility With Multiple Cameras Added.
    • New Cameras Added: Start Cam, End Cam, & PGA Tour Cam have Been Implemented In The Game.
    • Reworked the UI for selecting Cameras.
      • Added A Preview Of Each Camera Style In Game.
    • Improvements Made To The Time Of Day Function.
    • Improved Lighting.
    • Night Play Option Added.

FSX PLAY v1.1.0.6

  • New Features:
    • Keyboard Shortcuts window
    • Save user selected data tiles
    • Dynamic weather (rain, fog)
    • Spanish Language Option Added
    • Lie Penalty Improvements
    • Added Side Angle for the default data tiles
    • Improve Out of Bounds logic
    • Updated Time of Day system
    • Improved Render and Shading Logic
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements, including (but not limited to):
    • Update for Target Alignment Tool (Center Line)
    • Fixed slider for green difficulty
    • Updated Player Color System in Practice
    • Updated Gimmie Yardage
    • Improved Frame rate
    • Ball Bounce Bugs
    • Updated Tracer Display Bugs
    • Resolved Spin Values when displaying incorrectly
    • Resolved Translucent Trees on MiniMap
    • Improved Text Display Bugs
    • Added Side Angle, Total Spin, Spin Axis, and Face to Path when missing from Data Tiles
    • Resolved Language Display Bugs
    • Resolved Favorite Players Bugs
    • Resolved: Scorecard showing "Par" instead of "Front" when viewing the Back 9
    • Fixed Problem with activation and licencing the game
    • Resolved Club Selection Bugs Practice: Selected club does not stay selected
    • Resolved cup issue with Maryland course terrain
    • Resolved Lie penalty reset bugs
    • Improve data shown on tiles and data logic
    • Resolved FSX live service not registering score on the 18th hole
    • Resolved Fog not activating in Crans Sur Sierre Course
    • Resolved Exit Game with X Button Crash
    • Fixed Default Mulligans to Unlimited Bug
    • Updated Chase camera as default
    • Resolved Simulation Camera Bugs
    • Resolved Auto-Putt Bugs
    • Resolved Analysis Shot Table Bugs

FSX PLAY v1.0.2.3

  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements, including (but not limited to):
    • Resolved issue with activation for some installations.
    • All data values properly display in all scenarios.
    • Mulligans are set to on by default, can still be disabled by the user.
    • Room Configuration values now properly applied in all scenarios.
    • Notification for dropping in penalty area no longer blocks hazard options.
    • Improvement to camera behavior when hitting from steep slopes.


  • Initial Release
No Other Updates Have Been Released At This Time

Please Note:  Customers who own and/or operate the software in a corporate or retail store location should consult their regional supervisor or headquarters before updating. If you have any trouble during installation, please Contact Support



Course Installations

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FSX PLAY - Purchased Course Installations

To purchase a course license, please contact your sales or support person or visit our ONLINE STORE. All courses require a one-time online activation after installation.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club National Course v1.4.0.2Airport National Golf Course v1.4.1.3Akron Country Club v1.4.0.5Applebrook Golf Club v1.1.0.2Apple Valley Golf Course v1.4.0.2Arcadia Ranch v1.1.1.0Aronimink Golf Club v1.4.0.1Asiana Country Club East Course v1.4.0.2Audubon Country Club v1.4.0.4Aurora Country Club v1.4.0.3Awbrey Glen Golf Course v1.4.0.2Azalea National Executive v1.4.0.4Bala Golf Club v1.2.0.3Ballyowen Golf Club v1.4.0.2Barren Boulders Executive v1.4.0.2Bear Claw Golf Club v1.2.0.3Big Sur Golf Club v1.1.0.2Birdsfoot Golf Club Oaks Golf Course v1.1.0.2Black Rock Golf Course v1.4.0.4Blue Bell Country Club v1.2.0.3Blue Heron Hills v1.4.0.5Blue Hills Country Club v1.4.0.3Blue Springs Golf Club v1.1.0.2Brae Burn Country Club v1.4.0.3Broken Top Club v1.2.0.2Bull Valley Golf Club v1.4.0.4Burrangarra v1.2.0.5Butterfield Country Club (Blue/Red) v1.1.1.4Butterfield Country Club (Blue/White) v1.1.0.3Butterfield Country Club (Red/White) v1.2.0.4Cabot Cliffs v1.4.1.1 (DISCONTINUED)Cabot Links v1.4.1.3 (DISCONTINUED)Cape Breton Highlands Links v1.4.0.5Carnoustie Championship Course v1.4.0.2Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club v1.4.0.2Cedar Valley Golf Course v1.4.0.2Celtic Manor Resort Twenty Ten v1.4.0.2Champaign Country Club v1.4.0.2Champions Run v1.1.0.3 Chicago Highlands Club v1.4.0.2Clarity Hills v1.2.0.4 Coatesville Country Club v1.4.0.3Cobble Beach v1.1.0.6Coeur d'Alene Golf Resort v1.4.0.3Cog Hill Golf Club Dubsdread v1.4.0.5Colonial Country Club v1.4.1.1Commonwealth National Golf Club v1.4.0.3Congressional Country Club Blue v1.4.0.6Conway Farms v1.2.0.2Cottonwood Golf Course v1.4.1.4Country Club Of Lincoln v1.1.0.3Cranberry Highlands v1.1.0.3Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club v1.4.1.5Credit Valley Country Club v1.1.0.4Crooked Cove Executive v1.4.0.3Crosswater Golf Course v1.4.0.2Dacotah Ridge Golf Club v1.2.0.4Dad Miller Golf Course v1.4.0.6Del Monte v1.4.1.4Detroit Country Club (Pine to Palm) v1.4.0.3Devil's Garden Golf Course v1.4.0.2Diamondback Golf Club v1.4.0.3Doral Blue Monster v1.4.0.3Down River Golf Course v1.1.0.2 Dublin Country Club v1.4.0.3Egypt Valley v1.1.0.4 Elgin Country Club v1.1.1.0Emirates Golf Club Majlis v1.4.0.4Enchanted Forest v1.1.0.2En-Joie Golf Course v1.2.0.3Essex Golf & Country Club v1.4.0.3Evanston Golf Club v1.4.0.4Fairmont Jasper Park Golf Club v1.0.4.3Findlay Country Club v1.4.0.6Flint Hills National v1.4.0.3Flushing Valley Golf Club v1.4.0.3Forsgate Country Club Banks Course v1.4.0.4Foresight Sports Practice Facility v1.4.1.1Gearhart Golf Links v1.1.0.3Geneva Golf Club v1.1.0.2Glencairn Golf Club Scotch Block v1.4.0.4Glen Abbey Golf Club v1.4.0.5Glen Flora Country Club v1.4.0.5Glen Oak Country Club v1.1.0.3Glorietta Golf Club v1.2.0.4Great Gorge Country Club v1.4.0.5Greencastle Golf Club v1.4.0.2Green Valley Country Club v1.1.1.0Greystone Golf Club v1.4.0.1Greystone Golf Club (Legacy) v1.4.0.3Greystone Golf Club (Founders) v1.4.0.5Hanauma Cliffs v1.4.0.3Harbour Town Golf Links v1.4.1.3Hawthorn Woods Country Club v1.4.0.4Heatherwoode Golf Club v1.4.0.4Heron Bay Golf & Country Club v1.4.0.2Heron Point Golf Links v1.4.0.2Hidden Shoals v1.1.0.5 Hidden Valley Country Club (UT) v1.4.0.8Hinsdale Golf Club v1.1.0.4Holdrege Country Club v1.2.0.4Honeybrook Golf Club v1.4.0.4Hornell Golf Club v1.4.0.4Horseshoe Bend Country Club v1.1.0.4 Houston Oaks Golf Course v1.1.0.2Idlewild Country Club v1.2.0.4Idle Hour Golf & Country Club v1.4.0.4Illini Country Club v1.4.0.3Indian Hills Golf Club v1.4.0.3Indian Springs Ranch v1.4.0.7 Innisbrook Resort Island Course v1.4.0.1Interlachen Country Club v1.1.0.2Ivanhoe Club v1.2.0.3James River Country Club v1.4.0.8Jimmie Austin Golf Club v1.1.0.1Jumping Brook Country Club v1.4.0.4Kennemer Golf & Country Club v1.2.0.1King Valley Golf Club v1.4.0.2Kings Riding Club v1.1.1.4Kingsbarns Golf Links v1.4.0.4Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club V1.2.0.1Kirkbrae Country Club v1.4.0.2Knollwood Country Club v1.4.0.3Kungsangen Golf & Country Club (Kings) v1.4.0.2La Cumbre Country Club v1.4.0.4La Jolla Pines v1.4.1.3La Purisma Golf Course v1.4.0.4La Tempete Golf Club v1.4.0.4Lakeside Country Club v1.4.0.2Laurel Valley Golf Club v1.4.0.7LedgeRock Golf Club v1.4.0.4Lehigh Country Club v1.4.0.3Liberty Mountain Resort Carroll Valley v1.4.1.0Loch Lloyd Country Club v1.4.0.11Lone Wolf Golf Club v1.2.0.0Long Beach Country Club v1.1.0.4Longleaf Golf & Family Club v1.4.0.5Lonnie Poole Golf Course v1.1.1.0Lookaway Golf Club v1.4.0.3Magna Golf Club v1.4.0.4Magnolia National Golf Club v1.4.0.6Majestic Meadows Golf Club v1.4.0.4Marco Simone Golf & Country Club v1.4.1.0Marina Bay Golf Course v1.4.0.2Maryland National v1.1.1.0Meadowbrook Country Club v1.4.0.4Milburn Country Club v1.1.0.3Mill Creek v1.4.0.2Minot Country Club v1.1.0.6Mission Hills Blackstone v1.1.0.2 Mission Hills (Olazabal Course) v1.4.0.8Missoula Country Club v1.1.0.1 Montour Heights Country Club v1.1..0.4Morris Park Country Club v1.1.0.6Mountain Branch Golf Club v1.4.0.3Naperville Country Club v1.1.0.7Nashua Town & Country Club v1.4.0.2Niagara Falls Country Club v1.4.0.1North Hills CC (PA) v1.4.0.1North Hills Country Club v1.2.0.2Oaks Country Club v1.2.0.3Oakmont Country Club v1.4.0.1Ocean Pines Golf Club v1.4.0.5Omaha Country Club v1.4.0.2Orchard Park Country Club v1.4.0.3Panther Creek v1.1.0.7Paris Driving Range v1.4.1.0Parkersburg Country Club v1.4.0.1PB Dye Golf Club v1.4.0.1Pebble Beach Golf Links v1.4.1.3Penn State Blue Course v1.4.0.4Penn State White Course v1.4.0.4Pelican Hill Golf Club South Course v1.4.0.3Pete Dye River Course (VA Tech) v1.4.0.3Phillips Park Golf Course v1.4.0.2PitchnPutt v1.1.0.4Potter's Park Golf Course v1.4.0.2Pottawattomie Country Club v1.4.0.2Prairie Bluff Golf Club v1.4.0.3Prairie Dunes Country Club v1.4.0.3Prestwick Country Club v1.4.0.3Quail Hollow Country Club v1.4.0.2Quarry at Giants Ridge v1.4.0.2Quicksilver Golf Club v1.4.0.7Racine Country Club V1.2.0.3Rattlesnake Point Golf Club v1.4.0.4Real Club Valderrama v1.4.1.3Renaissance Golf Course v1.4.0.3Rivermont Golf Club v1.4.0.5Rolling Road Golf Club v1.1.0.2 Royal Greens Golf & Country Club v1.4.0.3Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club v1.1.0.4Royal Troon Old Course v1.4.0.2 Rush Creek Golf Club v1.1.1.0Saint Andrew's Golf Club (NY) v1.4.0.4Saxe Gotha v1.2.0.0Schaumburg v1.4.0.4Schuylkill Country Club v1.1.0.3Scioto Reserve Country Club v1.4.0.3Sentry World Golf Course v1.2.0.2 Sewickley Heights Golf Club v1.4.0.3 (Requires FSX Play v1.4.0.4 To Operate)Skolkovo Golf Club v1.4.0.2Snake Pit v1.1.0.2South Hills Golf Course v1.4.0.2Spirit Hollow Golf Course v1.1.0.4Spring City Golf Resort (Lake) v1.4.0.4Spring City Golf Resort (Mountain) v1.4.0.2Spyglass Hill v1.4.1.1St Andrews Castle Course v1.2.0.2St Andrews Jubilee Course v1.2.0.2St Andrews New Course v1.4.1.3St Andrews Old Course v1.4.1.4Stone Creek Golf Course v1.1.1.0Stonewall Links North Course v1.4.0.5Stonewall Links Old Course v1.4.0.7Sugar Valley Golf Club v1.1.0.3 Sunriver Resort (Woodlands) v1.4.0.5Sunset Ridge v1.1.0.7Sunnybrook Golf Club v1.4.0.2Sunnyside Golf & Country Club v1.4.0.4Tanah Merah v1.1.0.1 XTetherow Golf Club v1.4.0.4The Bedens Brook Club v1.4.0.3The Bridges Golf Club v1.4.0.3The Club At Las Campanas (Sunset) v1.4.0.2The Country Club Of Farmington v1.2.0.4The Crossing Golf Course v1.4.0.7The Golf Club at Lora Bay v1.4.0.2The Grove Country Club v1.4.0.3The Heretic Golf Course v1.4.0.3The Links at Spanish Bay v1.4.1.4The Loxahatchee Club (Nine Lakes) v1.4.0.4The Mission Club v1.2.0.3The Pete Dye Course at French Lick v1.2.0.5The Pulpit Club (Paintbrush) v1.4.0.3The Seawane Club v1.2.0.6The Springhaven Club v1.2.0.2The Thornhill Club v1.4.0.4The Tuxedo Club v1.1.0.4Totteridge Golf Club v1.1.0.2Transit Valley Country Club v1.1.0.2Tropical Paradise Executive v1.4.0.4Tuckaway Country Club v1.4.0.5Twin Run Golf Course v1.4.0.4Vardon Golf Club v1.1.0.3 Village Links Of Glen Ellyn v1.1.0.2 Wakonda v1.2.0.2Warwickshire v1.4.0.4Warwickshire National v1.4.0.5Wellington National Golf Club v1.4.0.6Wentworth Club (West) v1.4.1.4Westchester Country Club (West) V1.4.0.5Western Golf & Country Club v1.4.0.1Westchester Hills Golf Club v1.4.0.2Westmount Golf & Country Club v1.2.0.4Whitford Country Club v1.1.0.2 Wilmette Golf Course v1.4.0.3Winnetka Golf Club V1.2.0.3Woodloch Springs Country Club v1.1.1.0Yishan Golf Club v1.1.0.2

Additional Resources

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Pinseeker Integration

Pinseeker Integration Requires FSX PLAY v1.8.0+



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