FSX Subscription

FSX Subscription

FSX Subscription platform is a variant of the FSX 2020 Software developed to accommodate the LaunchPro product line.

This software will require a LaunchPro device to have been registered and a Silver or Gold Subscription to have been purchased.

Additional Resources

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: FSX Subscription Users & Launch Pro Device Users should contact Bushnell Technical Support, as their primary point of contact:

ONLINE: Request Bushnell Support
PHONE: 800.423.3537

Launch Pro Device Registrion Guide

The Launch Pro Will Require Device Registration To Begin Use. Please See This Guide To Walk You Through The Process.

FSX Subscription Installation Video

A comprehensive walk through of the FSX Subscription Software Installation

Launch Pro Subscription Outline

The Launch Pro unlocks different features based upon subscription type. This guide will allow you to compare and see what is available to you.

Setting up Offline Hours

Please view this guide if you are having trouble activating a course or license for software online.

Launch Pro Basic Subscription Guide

Walk through of using the Basic Subscription after purchase

Launch Pro Gold Subscription Guide

Walk through of using the Gold Subscription after purchase

Current Software Release

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FSX Subscription v8.7.0.2

System Requirements:
(minimum spec)
  • Operating System: 64 Bit Windows 10 or greater
    • not supported: iOS, Linux
  • Processor: 7th Gen or greater Intel i5, i7, and i9 processors
    • not recommended: AMD CPU
  • Memory/RAM: 8GB system memory
    • recommended: 16GB+ for Swing Camera/Swing Catalyst use
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 3060 or greater
    • recommended for Quality/Optimal Performance: GeForce GTX 3070ti/3080/3090
    • not supported: Nvidia Quadro, AMD GPU

Guide to Identifying Your Windows System Specifications

For instructions on downloading and installing FSX Subscription for PC, please refer to the FSX Subscription Installation Guide

If you have any questions regarding the installation options please select Request Technical Support to assist.

Release Date:
FSX 2020 Version Includes:
  • Basic Improvements
  • New RoomConfigurationTool Added
FSX 2020 Version Includes:
  • Added Hybrid Units Of Measurement
  • Improved Username & Password Management
  • Resolved Crash Due To Multiple Users
  • Improved Subscription Recognition & Function
FSX 2020 Version Includes:
  • Improved Error Logging
  • Updated Windows SDK For Better Function & Support
FSX 2020 Version Includes:
  • Updated To Support GC3 Subscription Options
  • Minor Bug Fixes For Leagues
  • Minor Function Update for Play Mode Regarding Course Selection Images
FSX 2020 Version Includes:
    • New Data Available For Basic & Silver Subscriptions.
    • New Software Options Available For Silver, Gold & Unlocked.
  • Improved GCHawk Club Mode Function.
  • Improved Lie Penalty & Flier Chance
  • Improved Distances Displayed With Rough When Lie Penalties Are Enabled.
  • Improved Graphics Card Check On Software Launch.
  • Bug Fix: Updated Temperature Reading Display.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved Practice Ribbon Display For Club Face Labels.
  • Bug Fix: Modified Stableford Scoring Error.
FSX 2020 Version Includes:
  • Updated To Display free courses for Silver and Gold subscriptions at the top of the course list
  • Updated Trial asset if trial is more than 30 days
  • Added Compare button back for Gold Subscriptions, remains locked for Silver subscription
  • New Polarity Option and Spin Option in Language & Units settings
  • Visual update to Game Options and Language & Units settings
  • Improved Report Export PDF Processing Time
  • Improved SDK Function
  • Auto-putt scorecard fix to match HUD score
  • Improved Function of Glass Break
  • Improved Auto Connect Display for GC3 and Launch Pro Devices
  • Green Grid Default To On Until Changed
  • Bug Fix: Overlap Of Elements Resolved
  • Bug Fix: Fix club report showing incorrect putt data if displaying putter shots
  • Bug Fix: Fix club report face to path data to match other reports
FSX 2020 Version Includes:
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where club speed was not properly reported in some instances in the club analysis screen
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Face to Path was not properly reported in data tiles if club analysis screen was set to show face to target
FSX 2020 Version Includes:
  • Resolved Crash on Software Launch with 16:10 Resolutions
  • Resolved Club Selection Screen Issue
  • Updated Display Device Connection Screen to Show Days Remaining on Subscriptions
  • Updated Custom Competitions Function 
  • Resolved Crash on Competitions Open Window

Please Note:  Customers who own and/or operate the software in a corporate retail store location should consult their regional supervisor or headquarters before updating. If you have any trouble during your attempt to install the software please Contact Support


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FSX Subscription User Manual

This is FSX Subscription, Related To GC3/Launch Pro Use ONLY.



Course Installations

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If you do not see your purchased course installer below, please check the FSX 2018 course updates list

Click Here If You Need Help With Your Online Course Purchase Installation

(All FSX 2018 courses will function with FSX 2020).

FSX Subscription - SILVER SUBSCRIPTION - Course Installations

The GOLF courses listed below come at no additional cost for all authorized FSX Subscription Software - SILVER SUBSCRIPTION users.

* Requires software v7.8 or greater to operate. Internet access required to gain initial course authorization.

Please Note: Teton Pines Course installed with FSX SUBSCRIPTION Software Installation. No additional installation needed.

FSX Subscription - GOLD SUBSCRIPTION - Course Installations

The GOLF courses listed below come at no additional cost for all authorized FSX Subscription Software - GOLD SUBSCRIPTION users.

To Purchase Additional Courses, contact your Foresight Sports Sales Person, or visit buy online: Premium Courses & Standard Courses.

* Requires software v7.8 or greater to operate. Internet access required to gain initial course authorization.

Please Note: Teton Pines Course installed with FSX SUBSCRIPTION Software Installation. No additional installation needed.

FSX 2020 GOLF - PURCHASED COURSES - Complete Course Library

To purchase a course license, please contact your sales or support person or visit buy online: Premium Courses & Standard Courses.
All courses require a one-time online activation after installation.* Note: Version 3.0.0+ courses are ONLY compatible with FSX 7.0 and above. FOOTGOLF Courses Installed Separately.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club v3.0.0Akron Golf Club v3.0.0Applebrook Golf Club v3.0.0Apple Valley v3.0.0Arcadia Ranch v3.0.0Aronimink Golf Club v3.0.1Asiana Golf Club v3.0.0Audubon Country Club v3.0.0Aurora Country Club v3.0.1Bala Golf Club v3.0.1Ballyowen Golf Club v3.0.0Bear Claw Golf Club v3.0.0Beaver Hills CC v3.0.3Big Sur Golf Club v3.0.0Birdsfoot Golf Club v3.0.0Blackberry Oaks GC v3.0.1Blue Bell Country Club v3.0.2Blue Heron Hills Golf Club v3.0.0Blue Hills Country Club v3.0.0Blue Springs Canada v3.0.2Brae Burn Country Club v3.0.0Broken Top GC v3.0.2Brookside Country Club v3.0.0Bull Valley Golf Club v3.0.3Burrangarra v3.0.0Butterfield Country Club Blue/Red v3.0.0Butterfield Country Club Blue/White v3.0.0Butterfield Country Club Red/White v3.0.0Cabot Cliffs v3.0.4 (DISCONTINUED)Cabot Links v3.0.2 (DISCONTINUED)Carnoustie Golf Links v3.0.2Castle Stuart Golf Links v3.0.0Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club v3.0.1Cedar Valley Golf Course v3.0.0Celtic Manor v3.0.0Clarity Hills v3.0.0Champaign Country Club v3.0.0Champions Run v3.0.1Chicago Highlands Golf Club v3.0.0Coastesville CC v3.0.2Cobble Beach Golf Links v3.0.1Coeur d'Alene v3.0.2Cog Hill Golf and Country Club v3.0.0Colonial Country Club v3.0.0Commonwealth National GC v3.0.1Congressional Country Club v3.0.1Conway Farms Golf Club v3.0.0Country Club of Lincoln v3.0.0Cottonwood GC v3.0.1Cranberry Highlands v3.0.0Crans-sur-Sierre GC Ballesteros v3.0.6Credit Valley - Golf Course v3.0.2Crosswater Golf Course v3.0.1Dacotah Ridge Golf Club v3.0.0Dad Miller GC v3.0.3Devils Garden v3.0.0Diamondback GC v3.0.0Doral Blue Monster v3.0.0Down River GC v3.0.1Egypt Valley v3.0.2Emirates Golf Club Majlis v3.0.1En-Joie Golf Club v3.0.0Enchanted Forest v3.0.0Elgin CC v3.0.1Essex Country Club v3.0.1Evanston GC v3.0.0Farmington Country Club v3.0.1Findlay Country Club v3.0.4Flint Hills National Golf Club v3.0.0Flushing Valley Golf Club v3.0.0Forsgate Banks v3.0.0French Lick Pete Dye v3.0.1Gearhart Golf Links v3.0.1Geneva GC v3.0.0GlenCairn v3.0.2Glen Abbey v3.0.6Glen Flora v3.0.0Glen Oak Golf Course v3.0.0Glorietta Golf Club v3.0.0Great Gorge Golf Course v3.0.1Green Valley v3.0.0Greystone GC Ontario v3.0.1 Hanauma Cliffs Golf Course v3.0.0Harbour Town Golf Links v3.0.3HawthornWoods v3.0.0Heron Bay v3.0.0Heatherwoode Golf Club v3.0.0Heron Point Links v3.0.1Hidden Shoals v3.0.0Hidden Valley CC v3.0.1Hidden Valley UT v3.0.1Hinsdale Golf Club v3.0.0Holdrege CC v3.0.1Honeybrook GC v3.0.0Houston Oaks GC v3.0.2Hornell GC v3.0.2Horseshoe Bend CC v3.0.1Idelwild Country Club v3.0.0Idle Hour Golf Club v3.0.0Illini v3.0.0Indian Hills v3.0.3Indian Springs Ranch v3.0.6Innisbrook Resort Island Course v3.0.0Interlachen Country Club v3.0.0Ivanhoe Club v3.0.4James River Country Club v3.0.4Jimmie Austin Golf Club v3.0.1Jumping Brook Country Club v3.0.0Keilir v3.0.5Kennemer Golf & Country Club v3.0.0Kingsbarns Golf Links v3.0.0Kings Riding Club v3.0.3King Valley GC v3.0.1Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club v3.0.0Kirkbrae Country Club v3.0.1Knollwood CC v3.0.0 (Michigan)Knollwood Club v3.0.1Kungsangen Kings Course v3.0.0La Cumbre Country Club v3.0.0La Jolla Pines v3.0.5La Purisima GC v3.0.1Las Campanas Sunset Course v3.0.4La Tempete Golf Club v3.0.0Lakeside Country Club v3.0.0Laurel Valley Golf Club v3.0.0LedgeRock GC v3.0.2Lehigh Country Club v3.0.0Liberty Mountain Resort v3.0.0Lone Wolf GC v3.0.1LongBeach CC v3.0.2Longleaf Golf & Family Club v3.0.0Lookaway Golf Club v3.0.0Loch Lloyd Country Club v3.0.0Lonnie Pool v3.0.1Marina Bay Golf Course v3.0.0Maryland National Golf Club v3.0.0Meadows v3.0.0Midland Putting Course v3.0.0Milburn Country Club v3.0.0Minot Country Club v3.0.0Mission Hills - Blackstone Course v3.0.0Missoula Country Club v3.0.0Mission Hills - Olazabal Course v3.0.0Montour Heights Golf Club v3.0.0Morris Park Country Club v3.0.0Mountain Branch Golf Club v3.0.0Mountain Ridge v3.0.0Naperville Country Club v3.0.2Niagara Falls v3.0.0Nine Lakes Golf Club v3.0.0North Hills Country Club (PA) v3.0.0Oakmont Country Club v3.0.0Oaks Country Club v3.0.3Ocean Pines GC v3.0.0Orchard Park v3.0.2Panther Creek CC v3.0.1 Parkersburg Country Club v3.0.0PB Dye Course v3.0.0Pebble Beach Golf Links v3.0.0Pelican Hill Golf Club v3.0.0Penn State Blue Course v3.0.0Penn State White Golf Course v3.0.0Pestovo Golf Club v3.0.0Pete Dye River Course v3.0.0Phillips Park Golf Course v3.0.0Pitch N Putt v3.0.0Portmarnock Golf Club v3.0.0Potters Park GC v3.0.1Prairie Dunes Country Club v3.0.0Prestwick Country Club v3.0.0Quail Hollow Club v3.0.0Quarry as Giant Ridge v3.0.0Quicksilver Golf Club v3.0.0Racine CC v3.0.1 Rattlesnake Country Club v3.0.1Real Club Valderrama v3.0.0Renaissance v3.0.0Rivercrest Golf Club Preserve v3.0.0Rivermont Golf Club v3.0.1Riverview Highlands Golf Club v3.0.1Rollandia Golf Center v3.0.0Rolling Road Golf Club v3.0.0Royal Troon Golf Club v3.0.0Royal Lytham & St. Annes v3.0.0Royal Birkdale Golf Club v3.0.1Rush Creek Golf Club v3.0.0Saint Andrews NYSaxe Gotha v3.0.0Schaumburg National v3.0.0Schuylkill Country Club v3.0.0Scioto Reserve Country Club v3.0.1SentryWorld v3.0.0Sewickley Heights Golf Club v3.0.0Shadow Valley v3.0.1Skolkovo Golf Club v3.0.0Snake Pit v3.0.0South Hills v3.0.0Spirit Hollow Golf Club v3.0.0Spring City Lower Course v3.0.0Spring City Mountain Course v3.0.0Spyglass Hill® Golf Course v3.0.0St Andrews Links® The Castle Course v3.0.0St Andrews Links® The Jubilee Course v3.0.0St Andrews Links® The New Course v3.0.0St Andrews Links® The Old Course v3.0.0Stone Creek Golf Club v3.0.1Sugar Valley Golf Club v3.0.0Sunningdale Country Club v3.0.0Sunset Ridge CC v3.0.0Tall Pines v3.0.0Tanah Merah Garden v3.0.2The Bridges Golf Club v3.0.0The Golf Club at Lora Bay v3.0.1The Crossing v3.0.0The Heritic v3.0.0The Links at Spanish Bay™ v3.0.0The Mission Club v3.0.0The Pete Dye River Course v3.0.0The Seawane Club v3.0.1The Springhaven Club v3.0.0The Tuxedo Club v3.0.0Totteridge Golf Club v3.0.0Transit Valley CC v3.0.1Vanajanlinna Golf & Country Club v3.0.0Vardon Golf Club v3.0.1Village Links of Glen Ellyn v3.0.0Wakonda Golf Club v3.0.0Warwickshire Golf Club v3.0.0Warwick Hills v3.0.1Warwickshire National v3.0.0Wentworth West Course v3.0.0West Bend Country Club v3.0.1Westchester Country Club v3.0.0Westchester Hills Golf Club v3.0.0Westmount Golf CC v3.0.1Whitford Country Club v3.0.0Wilmette Golf Club v3.0.0Winnetka Golf Club v3.0.1Woodlands GC v3.0.0Woodloch Springs Country Club v3.0.0Yishan Golf Club v3.0.0