GCHawk, Ceiling Mounted Four Camera System - Firmware, User Guides, and Tutorials.


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GCHawk Firmware Tool

This will require ethernet or network connection from the GCHawk to operate correctly.

Release Date:

GCHawk Firmware v4.3.1.1

  • Internal Optimizations Made

GCHawk Firmware v4.2.1.3:

  • Updated Installer For Improved Ease-Of-Use
  • Improved Device Log Access/Function
  • Support For Access To Device Log Over Ethernet Added

GCHawk Firmware v4.2.0.2:

  • Backend Hardware Improvements

GCHawk Firmware v4.1.2.1 /With 1.7.14 Radio Update:

  • Improved WiFi Performance
  • Resolved bug in LED Driver Boards Creating False Error Code
  • Updated Server Communication
Please Note: The continued use of old software/firmware or reversion of software/firmware is not recommended unless specifically requested by a service representative.


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Foresight Sports Overhead Launch Monitor Calibration Tool v3.0.0.3

Please see the GCHawk Guide - Setup:Calibration Section, to review the mounting and calibration process.

Please review the How-To: GCHawk Calibration Walk Through video below before attempting calibration.

Hardware Diagnostic Tool (HDT)

The Hardware Diagnostic Tool (HDT) can assist to perform the following functions:

Release Date:


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GCHawk User Guide

This guide will outline the safety requirements, installation process, setup, and troubleshooting for your GCHawk’s installation.

Additional Resources

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How-To: GCHawk Calibration Walk Through

This video will illustrate how to correctly setup your environment and calibrate your GCHawk.

Understanding Ball And Club Data Guide

An introduction to understanding ball launch & club data.

Basic GCHawk Troubleshooting Instruction

Club Marker Application Guide

In order to capture club data, club markers must be applied to the clubface. This is your guide for proper application.

GCHawk Service Program Coverage

The GCHawk has multiple service programs that can be purchased to limit loss of use should a return for repair be necessary.

GCHawk Club Feature Addon

Instructions to understand how to enable & use the GCHawk Club Feature Addon

GCHawk WiFi Connection Guide

How to connect the GCHawk via WiFi to a computer.

iPad Application Currently Not Supporting GCHawk WiFi Device Connection.

Release Date:

Warranty Documentation

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GCHawk Warranty Documentation

Overview of the terms and conditions associated with our product warranty services.