Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications download, user guides, and support resources. This includes: FSX Mobile & Foresight Performance Fitting. Visit the FSX PRO launch page for FSX PRO Apple resources.

Current Software Release

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System Requirements:
(minimum spec)

Username and Password must be associated to an actively installed FSX 2020/2018 instance.

Please Note: Does Not Support GC3 Or Launch Pro Devices At This Time.

Release Date:
Please Note: FSX Mobile will not allow access unless FSX 2020/2018 software is already installed. If you are using Original FSX you will not be eligible to use FSX Mobile Application - instead please use the Foresight Performance Fitting App.

Foresight Performance Fitting

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Additional Resources

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GC2 - Connecting to Apple® devices via Bluetooth

How to connect your GC2 to your Apple® iPhone™, iPad™, or iPod Touch™ device via Bluetooth.

GC2 - Connecting to Android devices via Bluetooth

How to connect your GC2 to your Android device via Bluetooth.

GC2 iPad Application Connection Guide

How to connect your GC2 device via Bluetooth to an Apple device.

Original Apple iPad Application - Basic User Manual

User manual for the original Apple App (2011-2013). 

FSX PRO - Apple iPad Tutorial

This is a quick video tour of the FSX PRO Apple iPad Application