The GC2, Two Camera System - Firmware, User Guides, and Tutorials.



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Updated GC2 Driver

The updated driver for the GC2 Smart Camera System (all models).* Requires firmware v4.0.0 to operate.

Original GC2 Driver

The Original driver for the GC2 Smart Camera System (all models).

Please Note: Do not use this driver version unless directed, or attempting to perform Firmware Update on devices running outdated versions predating 2015.


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GC2 Firmware v4.0.0.15

The latest firmware for the GC2 Smart Camera System (all models).

Additional Resources

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GC2 Battery Announcement

GC2 Battery life and charging recommendations.

GC2 - Battery Replacement

How to replace the GC2's NiMH battery.

GC2 - Initial Device Set-up

How to set up the GC2 Smart Camera System including: unit placement, connecting USB and power and use with the protective cradle.

GC2 - Connecting to Apple® devices via Bluetooth

How to connect your GC2 to your Apple® iPhone™, iPad™, or iPod Touch™ device via Bluetooth.

GC2 - Connecting to Android devices via Bluetooth

How to connect your GC2 to your Android device via Bluetooth.

Club Fitting Software Tutorial

Instructions on the use of Foresight Sports' Fitting Software for use with the GC2 Smart Camera System.

GC2 Flash Module Replacement Instructions

How to replace the GC2 Flash Module.

GC2 iPad Application Connection Guide

How to connect your GC2 device via Bluetooth to an Apple device.

Original Apple iPad Application - Basic User Manual

User manual for the original Apple App (2011-2013). 

GC2 - Flash Module Replacement Instructions

How to replace your GC2 Flash Module.

Understanding Ball And Club Data Guide

An introduction to understanding ball launch & club data.


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GC2 Subscription Applications

Reload shots for all subscription base devices (Windows OS Required).

Please Note: This application should only be downloaded if you have purchased a subscription based GC2 Device.

Warranty Documentation

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GC2 Warranty Card

Overview of product warranty.

GC2T Warranty Card

Overview of product warranty.

GC2K Warranty Card

Overview of product warranty.


It has recently come to our attention that unauthorized third-party GC2 flash modules are being offered for sale. Using counterfeit components can result in serious damage to your GC2.For this reason, all customers should be aware thatany damage or defects caused by the use of unauthorized flash modules will not be covered under warranty, and may void your GC2 product warranty. Knowing that counterfeit components pose a significant risk to you and your GC2, we've made it easier than ever to buy genuine replacement parts. Just visit our online store.

Spare Flash Module Policy

Overview of product warranty.

Super Flash Pro-Rata Warranty

Overview of product warranty.