Foresight Falcon User Manual

  • Introduction


    Thank you for choosing the Foresight Sports Falcon. This guide will outline the safety requirements, installation process, setup, and troubleshooting guide for your Falcon. Should you need more assistance, please review the Falcon Product Support Page. 

  • Safety Guidelines

    Please read the following before use. Failure to follow the instructions could result in serious injury, property damage, and/or void the device warranty. 

    All installation work described in this guide should be performed by licensed contractors. Improper installation may result in personal injury, property damage, and void any product warranty. The installation work should be performed by at least two (2) qualified installers. 

    Falcon Ceiling Mount Precautions

    1. The Falcon ceiling mount is designed specifically for mounting a Falcon to a ceiling or a Foresight Sports simulator frame. Do NOT attempt to mount additional items to the provided mount, as the additional weight may result in damage and/or failure. 

    1. Do NOT install the ceiling mount in a location where vibration or impact shock may occur. This may result in damage to or failure of the mount. 

    1. Prior to installing the Falcon ceiling mount, make sure the ceiling area is strong enough to hold a minimum of 75 pounds. If the ceiling area is not strong enough, reinforce the area prior to installation. 

    1. Never modify the ceiling mount, assembly components, or Falcon. 

    1. Do NOT install the ceiling mount and Falcon in a location where the operating temperature for the Falcon may be exceeded. Excessive temperatures may damage the Falcon. Recommended operating temperature range is 35F-115F. 

    1. Install the ceiling mount in a place free from excessive dust and humidity to prevent the lens or optical components of the Falcon from becoming clouded or dirty. 

    1. Do NOT use excessive force when adjusting the ceiling mount or Falcon. 

  • Components

    Falcon (x1)                                                                       


    Ceiling Mount (x1)                                     

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    Height:     135mm (5.3in) Height:     11.5mm (.5in) 

    Length:    1110mm (43.7in) Length:    390mm (15.4in) 

    Width:     270mm (10.7in) Width:    148.5 (5.8in) 

    Weight:   11.8kg (27lbs) Weight:    400g (.9lbs) 


    Power Cord  

    Length – 6 feet 


    Ethernet Cable USB to USB-C 




    Calibration Wand        



    Fiducial Dispenser

    Plastic Tee (x2) 



    NOTE: This installation package does not include lag screws for securing the ceiling mount to the ceiling. Selected installation screws must not exceed 6mm (.25”) diameter, washer recommended, must engage a ceiling joist by 25mm (1in), are capable of supporting a minimum of 75 pounds.  If using drywall anchors they must be capable of supporting 22.68kg (50lbs) each for a total weight support of 100lbs (qty 4 anchors). 


  • Features

  • Installation

    Remove/Check Contents

    Remove contents from the box. Make sure the box includes all components listed in this User Guide and that there are no damaged components. In addition, make sure the calibration wand has five white dots. 

    Installation Tips

    1. Handle and install the power cord carefully. Incorrect installation may result in fire or electric shock. Observe the following precautions when installing: 

    • Do not handle any electrical components with wet hands. 

    • Do not use a power cord that appears to be damaged or modified. 

    1. Tighten all screws firmly after installation and final adjustment. 

    • Do NOT use adhesives, lubricants, or oils to install and/or adjust the ceiling mount. 

    • Do NOT loosen the screws after installation. 

    • When performing electrical installation, make sure that no wiring comes into contact with mounting or assembly screws. 

    • Installation Layout

      It is important to check the layout of the simulator environment before installation. Ideally, the ceiling should be 9.5 to 10.5 feet tall, and the center of the hitting mat should be placed 10 to 12 feet from the screen and 4 feet away from the Falcon. There should be room to swing for both a left- and right-handed golfer. 

      The Figures below depict the ideal Falcon installation configuration.

      A diagram of a rectangular box

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