Original FSX

Original FSX

Our first FSX software release - FSX Original. All related resources can be found here. 

Current Software Release

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ORIGINAL FSX v3.5.0.11

Please select the appropriate installation option below. Be sure to select the online version if you have installed using an online activation code. If you have a blue USB dongle, please select the dongled option instead. If you have any questions regarding the installation options please contact support@foresightsports.com. * Software v3.5.0.11 required for use with Pebble Beach, Spyglass, and Spanish Bay Courses.

Release Date:

Course Installations

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Original FSX - Basic Course Installations

The courses listed below come at no additional cost for all authorized FSX Software users. * Requires software v2.4.0 or greater to operate. Internet access required to gain initial course authorization.

Original FSX - Purchased Course Library

To purchase a course license, please contact your Foresight Sports sales representative. All courses require a one-time activation after installation. Note: Version 1.8+ courses are ONLY compatible with FSX and above.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club v1.9.1Akron v1.9.1Arcadia Ranch v1.9.1Ballyowen v1.9.2Blue Bayou v1.9.2Broken Tree v1.9.2Butterfield Country Club - Blue/Red v1. Country Club - Blue/White v1. Country Club - Red/White v1. v1.9.0Castle Stuart v1.9.2Celtic Manor v1.9.1Cobble Beach v1.9.1Coeur d’Alene v1.9.0Cog Hill v1.9.1Congressional v1.9.1Conway Farms v1.9.1Dacotah Ridge Golf Club v1.9.2Dallas National v1.9.1Doral Blue Monster v1.9.2 (Requires GTX 1060 or greater)Emirates Golf Club Majlis v1.9.1Flint Hills National v1.9.1Glen Oak v1.9.1Glorietta Golf Club v1.9.1Hanauma Cliffs v1.9.1DISCONTINUED - Hazeltine National v1.8.0Hinsdale Golf Club v1.9.1Innisbrook Resort Island Course v1.9.0Interlachen v1.9.1Jumping Brook Country Club v1.9.1Kennemer v1.9.1Kingsbarns v1.9.1Kungsangen Kings Course v1.9.1La Jolla Pines v1.9.0La Cumbre Country Club v1.9.0La Tempete v1.9.1Laurel Valley Golf Club v1.9.1Liberty Mountain v1.9.1Linfield National v1.9.2Lookaway Golf Club v1.9.1Merion v1.9.1Midland Putting Course v1.9.1Mission Hills - Olazabal Course v1.9.1Montour Heights v1.9.1Nine Lakes v1.9.1Oakmont v1.9.1Olympic v1.9.1Onwentsia v1.9.5Pelican Hill v1.9.1Penn State Blue Course v1.9.1Penn State White Course v1.9.1Portmarnock v1.9.2Prairie Dunes v1.9.0Quail Hollow v1.9.0Quarry at Giants Ridge v1.9.1Quicksilver Golf Club v1.9.1Rolling Road Golf Club v1.9.0Rollandia Golf Center v1.9.1Royal Birkdale v1.9.1Royal Troon v1.9.0Royal Lytham & St.Annes Golf Club v1.9.0Schaumburg v1.9.1SentryWorld v1.9.0Sewickley Heights Golf Club v1.9.1Spring City Lower Course v1.9.2Spring City Mountain Course v1.9.2South Hills v1.9.2Sunningdale Country Club v1.9.1Teton Pines v1.9.4The Pete Dye River Course v1.9.1The Tuxedo Club v1.9.0Totteridge Golf Club v1.9.1Vanajanlinna Golf and Country Club v1.9.1Village Links of Glen Ellyn v1.9.3Wakonda v1.9.1Warwickshire National v1.9.0Warwickshire v1.9.1Wentworth West Course v1.9.2Westchester Hills v1.9.1Whitford Country Club v1.9.1Willow Crest Golf Club v1.9.2Woodloch Springs v1.9.1Yishan Golf Club v1.9.2

Additional Resources

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Installation Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for the proper installation and setup of FSX software.

NVIDIA Setup Guide

A step-by-step guide for setting up your NVIDIA graphics card for FSX gameplay.

Understanding Ball Launch Club Data

This guide will assist with the understanding of ball and club data.

Recommended Windows Power Settings

How to optimize your Windows Power Settings for use during simulation.

Disabling Windows Desktop Notifications

How to optimize your Windows Desktop Notification Settings for use during simulation.

Identifying and Uninstalling Restrictive Anti-Virus Software

This video will illustrate how to Identifying and Uninstalling Restrictive Anti-Virus Software for best use during simulation.

FSX Activation Code Tool

Identify your FSX software activation code using this tool. Users can also log in to their FSX LIVE account to review all assigned activation codes.

Original FSX - Device Connection Guide

Step-by-step instructions for the proper installation and setup of FSX software.

Identifying Your FSX LIVE Credentials

This guide will offer assistance identifying your existing FSX Live Credentials. These Credentials are the same ones used when installing your FSX 2018/2020 Software.

FSX 2020 Installation Video

A comprehensive walk through of the FSX 2020 Software installation

Activating FSX Software - Step-By-Step

Step-By-Step walk thru of Activating the FSX Software

FSX 2020 Course Activation WalkThru

A comprehensive walk through of the FSX 2020 Software installation