Creative Golf & Golfisimo

Creative Golf & Golfisimo

Foresight Sports offers an Integration with the Creative Golf 3D and Golfisimo Software.

This page contains links to the support content for this integration.

Please Note - Foresight Sports is not the developer of this software and can only assist with basic functionality and device connection. Resources are provided below for the latest supported software versions, user guides, activation resources. Foresight Sports will also assist in communicating to the developer, DataCrea, should any issues issue arise.


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  • Does Not Support GC3 or Launch Pro Devices at This Time.
  • Upgrade Sales are not available at this time. Foresight Sports is working with the developer DataCrea to make this process as easy and automated as possible for the customer to move from the Original Dongle Version to the NEW Online Version of the Creative Golf Platform.
  • (COMING SOON) Previous instances of Creative Golf 3D Software, which had been available for the GC2 Launch Monitor and Blue USB Dongle for software activation, must purchase an upgrade into the new Online Version. If the online version is accidentally installed please contact the DatCrea Development Team for support.
  • (COMING SOON) At this time the Golfisimo software will not be available on the previous instances of the Creative Golf 3D Software using the Blue Dongle, as the new gaming addition operates within the Creative Golf 3D ONLINE Platform. Attempting to use this Golfisimo Software Addon will overwrite exiting versions of Creative Golf 3D and will not allow you access to the DONGLE version of the software.
  • All current sales Creative Golf 3D and Golfisimo Software offerings are available through the Foresight Sports Online Store




Creative Golf 3D & Golfisimo: Download and Install Guide

System Requirements:
(minimum spec)

- OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10, 64bit
- Processor: 2.5GHz
- Memory: 2 GB
- Graphics: Dedicated 1GB Vram
- Internet connection: Yes - Always for cloud functions, once for licence check, requested for online update, otherwise not necessary for local play
- Hard Drive: 6 GB (Creative Golf), 36 GB (Course Library), 5 GB (Golfisimo) – 45 GB (All in One)

Generally desktop computers allow more powerful rendering than portable computers. You can use any display, but higher resolutions require a better graphic card. We recommend using projector in order to achieve a better visual experience.


Step-by-Step Instructions to Download and Install:

  • Creative Golf 3D Basic Software
  • Creative Golf 3D Course Subscription
  • Golfisimo Software

To Purchase Any of The Creative Golf 3D or Golfisimo Software Visit the Foresight Sports Online Store:

Creative Golf 3D Basic Package Creative Golf 3D Course Library (12 Month Pass) Golfisimo Software 





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Downloading Assistance

Installation Assistance

Activation Assistance

Additional Guides

Additional Materials are available on the Foresight Sports Helpdesk.


Additional Resources

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Device Connection

Main Menu

Game and Graphics Settings

Selecting Active Players

Playing on a Course

Identifying Your FSX LIVE Credentials

This guide will offer assistance identifying your existing FSX Live Credentials. These Credentials are the same ones used when installing your FSX 2018/2020 Software.