GCHawk Diagnostic Tool Guide

  • GCHawk Diagnostic Tool Guide

    This guide will walk you through downloading and using the GCHAWK DIAGNOSTIC TOOL, or commonly know as HDT.

    The Hawk Diagnostic Tool is very useful to confirm basic function is occurring with the device. It allow for the end user to confirm server communication is occurring, to review if any possible device error codes are present that stop function, and also confirm the device is communicating to the computer correctly. This tool also will assist with collecting device log files that will be necessary for escalated troubleshooting with a Technical Support Agent which might determine if a return for repair is necessary or direct for additional steps for in field resolutions.



  • Downloading & Installing

    To Download the HDT please follow the steps below.


    1. Download the item from the link shown below:


    2. Select the Download All or Download Button as shown here:


    3.Select to run the installation file from your browser, or locate the installation file in your Windows Downloads folder:

    *To open your downloads folder, go to your windows desktop, use the search icon on the tool bar, and type in downloads to locate the folder.


    4. If prompted by Microsoft Windows Protector, select More Info and then Run Anyway:


    5. Windows will prompt you to select YES to allow the installation. Select Yes.


    6. Select NEXT Button 3 times and last the INSTALL button to proceed with the installation:


    7. Once completed, select the FINISH Button to launch the HDT.


  • Device Connection

    1. Open the tool, and select the drop-down menu in section 1  (click refresh if no device is present). Click the serial number you wish to connect to. Keep in mind that the PC on which this application is installed will need to have an internet connection to complete most functions.

    2. If you are attempting to use the HDT to manage GCQuad or GC3 device validation be sure to select  the check box as shown. Then, select the refresh option to repopulate the device list with the new selections.


  • Basic Navigation

    • Firmware & Game Modes

      This app can also confirm for you the enabled modes and features that have been applied to your device.

      • Firmware Version - All Firmware updates can be found on the GCHawk Product Support Page. Please take a moment to verify you are running the most recent release at this time.
      • Game Modes: Golf or Soccer
        • Shows Supported Mode
        • Also Shown Currently Active Mode. Modes can be controlled from within the software application you are connecting to (FSX 2020/FSX PLAY/SKILL DRILL).
          • * (Not Shown) Purchased Features: Club or Putting

    • Status Codes

      Status Codes:

      The GCHawk will report basic Status Codes. Some Status codes are standard and will always appear.


      Be sure to review the Status and Error Codes Guide for specific insight to what a code indicates and next steps should you be trying to resolve a issue.

      Some Status Codes may represent a general issue and allow you insight to resolve without returning your device for repairs. If further diagnosis is required be sure to provide the device log when submitting your support request online.


    • Internet Connectivity

      The internet connectivity field will indicate if your device is able to communicate with the internet. This will occur through either direct connection to your modem/router via ethernet, or through connection to a software application where internet is presently connected.

    • Tech Support Connected

      The HDT application will allow Foresight Sports Support to send commands to the device. This function is reserved for specific instances and needs. However, if you are directed by a support agent to confirm this please do so by checking this field: