GCHawk Club Feature Addon

  • Getting Started

    The GCHawk Club Feature Addon is a paid feature, which must be purchased prior to being applied to your device.


    This will require a settings update for your Serial Number on the Foresight Sports Device Server.

    When your order is fulfilled the Club Feature is added to your Device Record on the Foresight Sports Server. The Server will then be allowed to enable the purchase the next time your device communicates with it.

    You will know your order was processed because you will receive email confirmation. If you have not received email confirmation and would like to follow up please email: orderfulfillment@foresightsports.com. Be sure to allow 2-3 business days from the date your order was confirmed for processing and fulfillment to occur. 

  • Updating Firmware

    To begin, we recommend running the latest version of firmware on your device.

    Please download, save, and run the installation file for the latest GCHawk Firmware from the link below: 

    *Please Note: This will require a USB-C cable or Ethernet Cable and a Windows Computer.
  • Communicating To Server

    You must now allow the GCHawk to communicate to the Foresight Sports Server. Once this is possible, the server settings will be applied to your GCHawk, which will enable to Club Feature Addon to the hardware. 

    There are a few options to accomplish this:


    1. Connect the device in the FSX 2020/FSX PLAY/FSX PRO software on your computer when the computer is connected to the internet:

     - iOS (iPad), WiFi, and Bluetooth Connections will not support communication function.


    2. Use the GCHawk Diagnostic Tool below:


    Please download and use this tool to allow your GCQuad to Sync to our server.

    It is recommended to have the GCHawk connected via ethernet but this function should work with USB-C as well.

    Once you have the GCHawk selected the tool will use your computers internet to ping our server.

  • Using The Club Feature

    After the items below are complete you will be ready to use the club feature for GCHawk!


    1. Your Club Face Must Have Foresight Sports Approved Club Markers To Capture Club Data:



    2. You Must Enable The Club Feature On Your GCHawk From Within The Software:


    3. Lastly, please be sure to pay attention to the blinking lights on the GCHawk:
    • Blue lights means Ball only,
    • Blinking green lights mean Ball and Club,


    Useful resource: Understanding Ball & Club Date Glossary




  • Requesting Support

    If you require additional assistance, please fill out an Online Support Request.