FSX Pro iPad User Manual

  • Introduction

    Thank you for choosing Foresight Sports and FSX Pro iPad. FSX Pro iPad is Foresight Sports' dedicated performance analysis platform for the game's best players, coaches and club fitters.

    System Requirements And Compatibility

    FSX Pro iPad requires iOS 16.4 or greater. Updating to the latest iOS is recommended for the best user experience.  

    FSX Pro iPad is optimized for iPads with 3GB RAM which include: 


    • 7th Gen (2019) 

    • 8th Gen (2020) 

    • 9th Gen (2021) 

    • 10th Gen (2022) 

    iPad Air 

    • 3rd Gen (2019) 

    • 4th Gen (2020) 

    • 5th Gen (2022) 

    • iPad Mini

    • 5th Gen (2019) 

    • 6th Gen (2021) 

    iPad Pro 

    • 1st Gen 12.9” (2016) 

    • 2nd Gen 12.9” (2017) 

    • 2nd Gen 10.5” (2017) 

    • 3rd Gen 12.9” (2018) 

    • 3rd Gen 11” (2018) 

    • 4th Gen 12.9” (2020) 

    • 4th Gen 11” (2020) 

    • 5th Gen 12.9” (2021) 

    • 5th Gen 11” (2021) 

    • 6th Gen 12.9” (2022) 

    • 6th Gen 11” (2022) 


    • Download

      Please download FSX Pro iPad here. This will initiate the download process to the user's device. Once downloaded, the app will be available on the device’s home screen.



  • Getting Started

    • Signing into FSX Live

      To begin, select the FSX Pro Icon on the device's home screen.

      Next, 'read and accept' the End User License Agreement (EULA).

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      Next, you will be prompted to enter your FSX Live login details.  

      If you do not have a FSX Live account, you will need to create one. Either click the ‘Sign Up’ link or go to: https://performance.foresightsports.com/ 

      Once you have entered your FSX Live credentials then hit the ‘Next’ button. 

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      Once you are signed in, you will be taken to the main menu.

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    • Connecting A Device

      FSX Pro iPad supports connections to:  

      • GCQuad 

      • GC3 

      • Bushnell Launch Pro 

    • Connecting To iPad WiFi

      To connect to your launch monitor you will need to go into your iPad’s Settings app and navigate to the Wi-Fi tab.  

      For the GC3 and Bushnell Launch Pro, you should see the launch monitor listed by GC3-[serial number].  

      NOTE: To locate the serial number tab on the launch monitor screen display and then navigate to the About -> Version page on the launch monitor’s screen 

      For the GCQuad you will see it listed as GCQ[serial number]. 

      NOTE: To locate the serial number on a GCQuad use the user interface to navigate to ‘About’ tab.