FSX Pro Download and Installation Guide (Launch Pro)

  • Download And Installing

    To download FSX Pro for Launch Pro, users should go to the following link and sign in or register. Users can also access this link (management portal) by scanning the QR code on their Launch Pro device. Further information on how to access the QR code can be found here.

    fsx pro

    Next, users should select the FSX Pro icon from the management portal and click 'get now' for instructions on how to download FSX Pro for PC or iPad. The download instructions link is here.

    Please Note: FSX Pro contains different features depending on a user's subscription type. Click here for a full overview of the features.

    • Getting Started

       To begin, select the FSX Pro Studio icon from your desktop (pictured). Or, run the file from the following location on  PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\FSX Pro

      fsx pro

      Next, users should select the 'PLM' or 'Launch Pro' icon (pictured).

      Please Note: Users must be connected to the internet to activate their device for the first time.


      Users will then be prompted to connect their Launch Pro device. Select search before choosing the available device.


      With the device connected, users should login using their FSX Live password to activate the license on their Launch Pro.


      Congratulations, you are ready to begin playing FSX Pro.