FSX Mobile User Guide

  • Activation

    • Introduction

      Connect your GCQuad or GC2 to your mobile device to access complete performance analysis. Skills challenges and driving range drills make FSX Mobile the ideal training companion.

      Please Note: FSX Mobile is free to download, but requires a paid FSX 2018 license. Contact your Foresight Sports representative for more information on how to purchase FSX 2018.

      Download and Installation 

      To download FSX Mobile, open the App Store (Apple device) or Google Play Store (Android device) and search for “FSX Mobile”. Once found, select “GET” in the App Store or “INSTALL” in the Google Play Store. This will initiate the download process to your mobile device. Once downloaded, the app will be available on your mobile device’s home screen.


      Upon launching FSX Mobile, you will be prompted to log into to your FSX Live account. To do this, follow the tutorial instructions and select the “Player Dashboard” in the top right-hand corner.

      Create a Player Screen


      Select the PLAYERS tab and hit “Connect to FSX Live.” This will bring up the FSX Live login page. You will now be prompted to sign into your existing FSX Live account, or create a new FSX Live account.


      FSX Live Login Screen


      Note: Signing into FSX Live will allow you to send your data to FSX Live’s cloud storage. If you are unable to access a wireless internet connection during a session, your shot data will be cached (stored) and then uploaded to the cloud when you next connect to the internet. 

      Connecting your Device 

      To connect your mobile or tablet device to FSX Mobile, you must first enable Bluetooth or Wifi on your tablet or mobile device. 


      To connect your device via bluetooth in iOS, go to your device’s SETTINGS screen. Once in settings, select the Bluetooth tab/option and switch to ON.

      With Bluetooth enabled, load FSX Mobile and select the “Player Dashboard”. Next, select the DEVICES tab and select the Foresight Sports launch monitor you wish to connect.

      Bluetooth Connection Screen


      To connect a device to your GCQuad via wifi, open your device’s SETTINGS and select your GCQuad to connect. 

      Note: Your GCQuad will be listed by serial number. You can locate this serial number within the device’s user interface under the ABOUT tab.

      Wifi Settings


      You will be prompted to enter a wifi password for your device. The default password is: ‘FSSPORTS’.


      Wifi Password


      Once you have joined your device’s wifi hotspot, load FSX Mobile and select your device from within the DEVICES tab in the Player Dashboard.


      Wifi Connected

  • Getting Started

    • Navigating the Main Menu 

      FSX Mobile Main Menu


      Skills Challenge 

      Compete in the default Foresight Sports Skills Challenge. 

      Custom Challenge 

      Build and customize your own Foresight Sports Skills Challenge. 

      Driving Range

      Practice your game on the Foresight Sports Driving range.

      Player Menu (Top Left)

      View all players in the current session and/or add new players.

      Dashboard (Top Right)

      Add, edit, or remove a player, change game settings, and connect devices.



  • Skills Challenge

    • FSX Mobile Range

      The Skills Challenge competition is accessible from the main menu. Players may choose between a predefined Foresight Sports Skills Challenge, or they may customize their own.


      In this predefined Skills Challenge, players progress through 14 hitting stations set at varying distances and accrue points by landing their shot within the target zone. The point system for the target zone is as follows: 

      Blue Zone  = 5 points       (Bullseye)   
      White Zone  = 3 points       (Middle Ring)  
      Green Zone  = 1 point         (Outer Ring)
      Target Miss = 0 points 


      Skills Challenge Score Screen

      At the end of the Skills Challenge, the points accrued from the 14 hitting stations will be tallied and uploaded to the FSX Live leaderboard. Note: Players must be logged into an FSX Live account to appear on the leaderboard.

  • Custom Skills Challenge

    • Skills Challenge Customization Screen


      To select the custom skills challenge, select the Custom Skills Challenge Icon from the main menu.
      Click ADD CHALLENGE to begin building a custom skills challenge. Enter the name of the challenge. You will then be able to edit the following:

      Skills Challenge Customization Screen 2


      Number of Stations 
      Change the number of stations in the skills challenge
      Shots Per Station 
      Change the amount of shots per individual station
      Select Station 
      Select a specific station and edit target distance for this station
      Target Distance 
      Edit target distance for selected station
      Score Per Ring 
      Change the scoring settings for skills challenge targets
      Target Diameter 
      Change target size
      Enable or disable a glass obstacle at each station
      Note: To edit an existing custom skills challenge, select the challenge and click the EDIT tool (pictured)



  • Driving Range

    • FSX Mobile Annotation

            1.   Player Menu 
      Select and/or add players 
            2. Club (Icon)
      Clicking CLUB icon and bring up the SELECT CLUB dialog to change club selection.
            3. Shot number 
      View current shot number 
            4. Distance
      Select the drop-down arrow to change distance to the pin. This will enable
          the distance slider. Once changed, click APPLY to confirm the new distance.
            5. Player Dashboard 
      Edit Players, Shortcuts, Devices, and Settings

      Player Dashboard

      Shortcuts Bar

      Player Menu: Select and/or add players.
      Shortcuts: Add or remove shortcuts to the shortcuts bar.
      Bird’s Eye: Provides an aerial view of the entire hole.
      Replay: View any previously hit shot for the selected player. 
      Flyby: Provides a flyby of the current hole.
      Flag: Moves the camera to the location of the flag.
      Analysis: View the data analysis screens for the current player.
      Conditions: Edit green speed, green bounce, fringe speed and ground bounce.
      Devices: Add/Connect devices. 
      Settings: Change language or units of measurement.
      Please Note: Remember to select the SAVE icon to save your selections.