FSX License And Course Deactivation Guide

    • Deactivating Your FSX License For Re-Use

      NOTE: Before you deactivate your FSX license, all courses must be first be deactivated. Please see the guide below for steps on how to do this.

      1. Go to https://performance.foresightsports.com/?login=True and login to the FSX Live account associated with your FSX license. 

      2. Click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the window next to your username and select 'My Account'.

      3. Click the 'Licenses' tab (Note: please save your license key as this will be removed from the list once the license is deactivated).

      4. Select the license keys you wish to deactivate for use on a new system.

      5. Congratulations you may activate your FSX licenses on a new system.




    • Deactivating FSX Courses For Re-Use

      Please Follow these steps to deactivate your course licenses, all course licenses must be deactivated prior to deactivating your FSX license:

      1. Load your FSX software and select 'Play' from the main menu.

      2. At the course selection screen, select the course you wish to deactivate and select the 'Deactivate' icon.

      3. The course will show as 'not purchased', indicating the activation is available for re-activation.