ForeCaddy Updates

Thank you for being one of the first to own the Foresight Sports ForeCaddy!
Below you will find instructions to update your ForeCaddy Cart Firmware.

ForeCaddy Firmware v6.0 Will Include The Following Feature Updates:

  • Improved Follow Function
  • New speed control to Remote Control mode.

    Three Speed Options!

  • Improved turning while in Remote Control mode.
  • Decreased the ForeCaddy weaving in Follow mode.

For details and instructions on how to use the new features please see the items below:

To Upgrade The ForeCaddy CART Firmware Please Follow The Steps Below:

To upgrade successfully the Cart firmware update must follow these steps in the order presented.

1. Prepare your Firmware Upgrade Cable Kit
If you need assistance getting your ForeCaddy Cart Connected to your Computer please see this guide:
ForeCaddy Firmware Upgrade Kit Setup Guide
*v5.0 and 6.0 only requires the CART be updated.
** For future use you may wish to reference the ForeCaddy Firmware Upgrade Remote Kit Setup Guide.

2. Download and Run the Installer for the Firmware Upgrade Application:



3. Power on your ForeCaddy Cart.

4. Connect your ForeCaddy Cart to your computer using the Firmware Upgrade Kit.

5. Once your ForeCaddy is connected to your Computer double click on the application on your computers desktop titled: "ForeCaddy Updater".

6. Follow the On Screen Instructions within the Application to upgrade your ForeCaddy Firmware.

If you feel you require assistance with this process please let us know! Foresight Technical Support will be scheduling sessions to help customers who are having trouble. We have limited sessions available each day so please contact us in the case that you experience any trouble while attempting your firmware update. You may reach Technical Support to schedule your session Monday through Friday, 6am to 6pm (PST). Our phone number is 858.444.4440 or you may connect with us ONLINE.